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The African Diaspora Consortium (ADC)


ADC is a 501©3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization


The mission of the African Diaspora Consortium (ADC) is to impact positively the educational, economic, and artistic outcomes and opportunities of Black populations across the African Diaspora. ADC is unique in that it focuses its attention and develops partnerships in countries where African descendants were historically and culturally dispersed during the transatlantic slave trade and/or different migration periods (e.g., the Caribbean region, Europe, Latin America, and North America). By all accounts, there has been a striking lack of research and best practices devoted to dispersed African descendant populations. Yet, logically and intuitively, better understanding comparatively how dispersed populations navigated their locations in different and new worlds while developing art forms as modes of communication, interconnectedness, and education and economic uplift can hold great importance from an economy of scales perspective for countries globally. Increased understanding of both commonalities and differences in experiences as shaped by different immigrant origins and societal practices of their resident societies across nations can provide useful possibilities and outcomes. Led by Dr. Kassie Freeman, former president of the Comparative International Education Society, ADC seeks to accomplish three main goals:

  • Identify and highlight historic and cultural connections as well as common challenges and opportunities across the Diaspora.
  • Increase educational success and outcomes for African descendent populations at all levels globally, promoting and exchanging learning successes from partner countries.
  • Utilize the Arts (Music, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts) as a vehicle to enhance understanding and connectedness as historical and cultural uplift.





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