Michael S. Todd

Michael Samuel Todd is a leading, innovative fiscal and budgetary expert in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.


With over 30 years of combined financial experiences in corporate financing, banking and higher education, he is considered a leader in fiscal and budgetary management, budget development, strategic planning, human resources and student financial aid. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experiences in budgetary planning and fiscal problem solving have made him highly sought after by for-profit and non-profit organizations.


Following the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for one of the campuses that was most devastated by the hurricane, he was responsible for the fiscal negotiations to bring the college’s business and services back to New Orleans within four months after Hurricane Katrina. He implemented new financial engagements with banks, creditors, and bond issuers to stabilize financial conditions of the University.


In the non-profit sector, he is frequently requested to serve on Boards and most often appointed/elected to serve as Chair of Finance/Treasurer of the Board. He is particularly interested in non-profits that focus on the educational and economic needs of citizens who face stressful conditions.


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