Kim Nesta Archung, Ph. D

Kim Nesta Archung, Ph. D, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, but with roots in the Caribbean, has lived and worked in various places around the globe. She considers herself a global citizen and is dedicated to the educational advancement of children and youth worldwide, most specifically those from disenfranchised and developing communities.

She has over thirty years’ experience working on education development projects and issues of educational equity in various parts of the world including the United States, Turkey, and various countries across Africa and the Caribbean. Her expertise includes teacher professional development from early childhood through secondary levels, curriculum design and development, monitoring and evaluation, and program administration. She is specifically interested in educational equity, social justice and multicultural education, early childhood education, teacher development, gender assessment, girls’ empowerment, and youth education and citizenship development.

Her many experiences and goals include training teachers, developing curriculum, and building world class international multicultural schools across the globe.

Dr. Archung is a co-founder of Paige Academy, a community-based independent school, the founder and CEO of SANDAGA International Education Consulting (SIEC) and SANDAGA International Education Foundation (SIEF). She recently started another consulting arm of SIEC called, Creative Childhood Solutions, which provides consultations on child growth and development to parents of young children.

Dr. Archung engages in a number of educational and creative projects, including The African Diaspora Consortium’s Global Student Exchange. She also designs and produces a number of artistic and spiritual products through her small business, Goddess Creations. She enjoys writing children’s stories that reflect the histories and cultural experiences of children from around the world. Her creative works focus on empowering the next generation of children by helping them understand and appreciate their own history and cultural experiences and those of others.

Dr. Archung’s belief is that when children and young people are able to see themselves positively reflected in the images of popular iconography they can imagine themselves creating a more just and equitable world. She believes education should and can:

  • support and encourage community participation
  • enhance the self-esteem of each individual and extended community
  • integrate the arts, culture, and creativity into teaching and learning and
  • be a force for unity and bringing communities of diverse people



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