Dr. Patrick Manning

Dr. Patrick Manning, Chair, African Diaspora Advanced Placement Course Development, is the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History and Director of the World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh, where he directs the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis (CHIA) for work on creating a world-historical data resource.

Dr. Manning is the current president of the American historical Association (AHA). He is also president of the World History Network, Inc., a nonprofit corporation fostering research and international exchange in world history.

Trained as a specialist in the economic history of Africa, he has become a specialist in world history overall. His research has focused on demographic history (African slave trade), social and cultural history of francophone Africa, global migration, African diaspora as a dimension of global history, and an overview of the field of world history.

Dr. Manning was educated at the California Institute of Technology (BS in Chemistry) and the University of Wisconsin – Madison (MS in History and Economics, PhD in History).

His current research centers on creating a global historical data resource, African populations 1650-1950, global social movements 1989-1992, and on an interdisciplinary history of early humanity in collaboration with Christopher Ehret. Dr. Manning was at Northeastern University for two decades before moving to the University of Pittsburgh in 2006.

He directed the World History Center from 1994-2004, and directed PhD students writing world historical dissertations. He served as Vice President of the Teaching Division of the American Historical Association from 2004-2006 as well.


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