Emmanuel Tabi

Emmanuel TabiEmmanuel Tabi is a Ph.D candidate in his 4th year of study at OISE/University of Toronto.
Emmanuel’s research is centered on how Black male youth in Toronto produce and re-produce the global phenomenon of Hip-Hop.

From Brazil to Japan, Hip-hop as a culture is valued as an extremely popular form of expression amongst our youth. Hip-hop has become one of the most influential artistic, social, and cultural movements for youth globally.  Yet, despite the industry success of Hip-hop, Black male youth, who continue to be instrumental in creating, moving and producing Hip-hop culture, are failing in our schools.

Emmanuel’s research provides a lens into the lived experiences of the young men who document their trials, dreams, success and failures through Hip-Hop culture. This research will provide educators, practitioners and policy makers with a unique view into the lives of a vibrant and often misunderstood population of the African diaspora.